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The Story Of Colostomy Bag (A to Z guide

Colostomy bag surgery,Colostomy bag for urine,Colostomy bag filled,Ostomy bag vs colostomy bag,Colostomy bag full of poop,Colostomy bag types,Colostomy bag hole,Colostomy bag care

Colostomy bag surgery,Colostomy bag for urine,Colostomy bag filled,Ostomy bag vs colostomy bag,Colostomy bag full of poop,Colostomy bag types,Colostomy bag hole,Colostomy bag care

What is a colostomy?

Colostomy bag surgery,Colostomy bag for urine,Colostomy bag filled,Ostomy bag vs colostomy bag,Colostomy bag full of poop,Colostomy bag types,Colostomy bag hole,Colostomy bag care

A colostomy may be a surgery wherever a gap is formed from the colon out through the abdomen permitting stools to pass out through the abdomen rather than passing through the bowels and body part.

Your colon plays a very important role in supporting your health. It processes food, removes waste, and will even support your system. therefore once one thing goes wrong in your colon, it is a retardant.

Signs and symptoms of colostomy causes

⏺️Bloody stools

If one thing is seriously wrong in your colon and bowels, you will see blood in your stool. Whenever you see blood in your stool, you must at once reach bent a medical skilled. 

⏺️Serious abdomen pain

Another common symptom of issues that will cause a ostomy is serious lower abdominal pain. Cramping, bloating, and stabbing pain in the abdomen square measure all common symptoms of great viscus issues. 

⏺️Chronic symptom

Certain health issues that will cause a colostomy embody chronic, frequent diarrhea. this can be sometimes coupled to associate infection or different downside within the colon and bowels that forestalls your body from absolutely process waste. 

⏺️Chronic constipation

On the opposite hand, sure issues with the lower bowels will cause chronic, serious constipation. the lack to pass stool for over many days at a time is a symbol of a major blockage within the gut that will need a colostomy.

In cases of severe viscus and colon issues, symptoms would possibly include:





Types of colostomy

There square measure many causes of colostomies. These issues is acute health problems, or they will be chronic, womb-to-tomb issues. These causes include:

⏺️Acute infections

Illnesses like diverticulitis, associate infection of little pouches within the wall of the colon, will need a colostomy so as to heal. Not each case of diverticulitis requires a ostomy, however if diet and antibiotics don’t facilitate, a brief ostomy is also necessary.


You know  that, Colon cancer can create  serious blockages of the colon. It also can necessitate the removal of elements of the colon. each of those issues will cause a brief or permanent colostomy.

⏺️Birth defects

In rare cases, a baby is also born while not associate anal gap, a retardant referred to as “imperforate arse.” this will need doctors to put a ostomy bag at the side of surgery so as to make the child’s anal gap.


Serious injuries to the lower abdomen will injure the colon, bowels, and rectum. In some cases, these injuries will heal, whereas others is also permanent. Either way, a ostomy is also ordered to permit the organs to heal.

Diagnosing causes of colostomies

A colostomy is just performed if completely necessary. Your doctor can doubtless strive many different treatments for your downside before suggesting a ostomy bag. counting on your symptoms, they will have you ever amendment your diet, get tested for cancer, or take antibiotics initial. These tests will facilitate your doctor decide if and what quite ostomy is required.

If your viscus has to heal when a ill health or a part of your colon has to be taken out thanks to a condition or illness, you will would like a colostomy bag.

During surgery, the top of your colon is brought through a gap in your belly to create what is known as a "stoma." this can be wherever your excretory product (poop) can pop out. not like your arse, your stoma does not have muscles or nerve endings. therefore you cannot management once you move your bowels. Instead, a pouch, known as a colostomy bag, goes over the stoma to gather your poop once it comes out.

Whether you will only would like it for a short time or it is a permanent amendment, a ostomy bag will take some obtaining wont to. however the majority regulate and shortly come to their traditional lives.

Different Types of colostomy bag

One colostomy bag does not match all. There square measure differing types to settle on from:

One-piece system: This fits around your stoma and is connected with a delicate adhesive. once you would like a recent bag, you're taking the full factor off and replace it with a replacement one. a number of these systems use flushable liners.

Two-piece system: A base plate fits tightly around your stoma, and you attach a bag thereto. you will amendment the bag as needed; the bottom plate sometimes is modified each two to three days.

Closed bags: These square measure best used with firm stools. you will amendment it double each day. Some have special liners within that may be flushed down the rest room.

Drainable bags: These square measure best if your stools square measure terribly liquid. You empty them through a gap at very cheap. they have to be modified each two or three days.

Mini pouches: These square measure little baggage you wear for under a brief quantity of your time.

Your doctor or a nurse trained in stoma care can assist you select the one that is right for you and your fashion. Many times, it's potential to do one before you choose.

Getting wont to Your colostomy Bag

Your medical team can show you ways to worry for the bag. however here square measure many tips to assist you match it into your daily life:

Decide a way to share your news. you will feel less self-conscious if you show your ostomy bag to idolized ones or point out it with friends. could|you furthermore mght} may conceive to tell your boss or a associate just in case you would like their facilitate or understanding at work.

Get associate honest opinion. raise somebody you trust if they'll see your bag beneath your garments or hear the noises it makes. you will understand you are worrying concerning your ostomy bag over you would like to.

There square measure ways that to cover it. for instance, you'll empty your bag once it's tierce full therefore it does not stick out beneath your garments. A secure bag mustn't have escape and will be odor-resistant.

Wear what you would like. A colostomy bag ought to match beneath your traditional garments. If not, some corporations build special high-rise pants and underclothing with a special pocket to carry your bag. you furthermore may will notice swimwear with a mesh lining or gathered material to cover any bulges.

You can have a decent sex life. whereas you may feel self-conscious initially, attempt to relax. amendment your bag right before you are intimate. you'll conjointly pop out the bag and temporarily uses a little stoma cap instead.

Stay active. you'll still exercise. sit down with your doctor concerning once to wear a support garment or a tough plastic protect known as a stoma guard.

Give yourself time to induce wont to foods. Some square measure additional doubtless to cause gas, diarrhea, or constipation. strive them reception one by one therefore you recognize however your body can react.

Remember to laugh. don't be concerned if you've got a clumsy moment or 2 whereas you are obtaining wont to your ostomy bag. that is traditional. you will handle it higher if you'll keep your sense of humor.


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