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yummy french toast recipe-Sweet French toast recipe

Basic French toast recipe-Classic French toast recipe

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More specific searches,French toast recipe,Sweet French toast recipe, French Toast recipe without milk,Basic French toast recipe,Classic French toast recipe, How to make French toast in a pan,Best bread for French toast

This classic French toast could be a instruction that I completely like to create – particularly on a lazy weekend morning. There’s simply one thing special concerning this made and delicious French toast drizzled with heat maple syrup! And I’ve been creating it for therefore long that I’ve formed the steps in order that it's very easy. whether or not I’m creating it for a crowd of weekend guests or for simply the 3 folks, I will have it on the table in minutes!

French toast simply has such manner|how|some way|the way|the simplest way} of beginning the morning off within the best way. Paired with a bowl of contemporary fruit, many slices of bacon, and drizzle of syrup, and this may be a meal which will fill their spirits the maximum amount as their bodies.

Classic French toast

I’ve been creating this classic French toast instruction for as long as I will keep in mind. i like that it makes the simplest French toast with simply many ingredients that you just will customise to your tastes! There area unit many basic ingredients that you’ll would like.




⏺️Milk – you'll use your favorite milk or milk different during this instruction if you wish to form your French toast while not milk.

⏺️Salt – add a pinch of salt to balance the flavors and sweetness

⏺️Sweetener – you actually have choices for the sweetener to use supported your personal preferences.

⏺️Flavorings – i like to incorporate seasoner and ground cinnamon for a classic French toast flavor. you'll omit the cinnamon, if you favor or add additional for a additional pronounced cinnamon French toast.

⏺️Butter – liquified on the griddle for cookery and so add a pat for serving, if desired.

⏺️Maple sirup – real syrup is needed in our family for the proper French toast! you'll conjointly use a fruit syrup 


I have a bit secret, even supposing i like French toast created with challah bread or thick slices of Sally Lunn bread, it's completely delicious so simple with slices of our favourite sandwich bread. Use no matter you have got on hand!

­čö╣Challah bread

­čö╣Sourdough bread

­čö╣Sally Lunn bread

­čö╣Texas Toast

­čö╣French Bread

­čö╣Sandwich bread


I have another very little tip, too. I do love French toast that has been created with cream, however it's simply fine created with no matter milk I even have the icebox, too.

­čö╣Heavy Cream

­čö╣Half and half 

­čö╣Whole Milk

­čö╣Skim Milk

You can conjointly use dairy-free milk alternatives for creating this French toast instruction. i like to use totally different ones looking on United Nations agency i'm serving. for example, one family friend isn’t able to have dairy farm or almonds, therefore i take advantage of oat milk for theirs. They continually love it! the flavour might amendment slightly looking on the milk possibility that you just use.

⏺️Coconut Milk

⏺️Almond Milk

⏺️Oat Milk


I have tested this instruction victimization numerous sweeteners with nice success. it's delicious victimization syrup, honey, and coconut sugar still as confectioner’s and refined sugar. the flavour profile can amendment slightly supported the sweetener that you just use. as an example, victimization syrup can provides a hint of maple flavor to the instruction (which is delicious once served with maple syrup!)

­čö╣Maple sirup


­čö╣Coconut Sugar

­čö╣Granulated Sugar

­čö╣Confectioner’s Sugar

HOW TO create simple French toast

☑️Whisk. to avoid wasting on dishes and cleanup, I whisk along the eggs, milk of alternative, sweetener, vanilla, and cinnamon right into shallow dish that I’ll use to dip my bread in.

☑️Dip. Once I even have it whisked along well, I place my bread slice in on one facet and so quickly flip it over to the opposite facet since some sandwich breads can absorb the liquid super quickly. You’ll need to make sure that you just area unit dipping your bread and not effort for any time in order that the bread doesn't absorb an excessive amount of liquid. ensure to follow this in order that your bread doesn't get too wet. this may stop your French toast from turning into soggy.

☑️Cook. Once each side of the bread area unit coated with the liquid, I place them into the pan with liquified butter set over medium heat. They solely take many minutes to cook, concerning two to three minutes on either side.

☑️Serve. Serve directly along with your sirup of alternative.

Like I’ve mentioned, my instruction may be created with straightforward ingredients that almost all of you may wear hand. i like that it’s this easy! It takes the pressure off of Maine from thinking that I even have to own precise ingredients in my house to be able to create a favourite breakfast or brunch. Because, let’s face it, generally I get up and simply apprehend that this favorite breakfast instruction would be a good thanks to welcome the morning.

With simply many basic ingredients that I continually wear hand, i do know I will make this delicious instruction that my family can love!

HOW TO FREEZE French toast

­čö╣Arrange in an exceedingly single layer on a baking sheet and place into the fridge till firmly frozen, concerning half-hour. Store the slices in an exceedingly freezer-safe nada high or alternative airtight instrumentality for up to three months.

­čö╣To serve from frozen, you'll use either of the subsequent strategies to heat up.

Oven technique. Place in an exceedingly single layer on a baking sheet and canopy with foil. Bake in 350┬║ F kitchen appliance for ten minutes till hot.

­čö╣Toaster technique. heat up in an exceedingly kitchen appliance till heated throughout.


You are merely dipping your bread slices into the egg mixture. If you allow your bread within the mixture for Associate in Nursing extended quantity of your time, it'll absorb additional liquid and take longer to cook through.


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