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Can you be fat and fit at the same time? (2023) - Complete explanation

Weight loss can be easier with plank jacks! Here's how to do it

Weight loss can be easier with plank jacks! Here's how to do it? 

Weight reduction is buried in fantasies. These reach from the possibility that eating less junk food is the best way to get thinner to the possibility that weight decrease and fat misfortune are exactly the same things. These fantasies about weight reduction make it hard for us to fathom what it truly is! In this reference, there is an idea that individuals believe is valid - that you can be fat and fit simultaneously! Do you keep thinking about whether it's true?Well, we should figure it out!

Could an individual at any point be both fit and fat?

You could induce that somebody is undesirable assuming they are overweight. In any case, it is workable for you to be both overweight and fit? What makes the biggest difference is that you handle what "fit" and "overweight" mean concerning your wellbeing.To comprehend this exhaustively Wellbeing Shots connected with Dr Asha Hiremath, Specialist - Obstetrician, Gynecologist, and Laparoscopic, Parenthood Clinics, Indiranagar, Bengaluru.According to she, "You might be fit and overweight simultaneously. To assess this you really want to comprehend the job of weight record (BMI).

Significance of Weight List for your wellbeing

Weight record is basically the consequence of partitioning an individual's load in kilograms by their square of level in meters (or feet). As indicated by Dr Hiremath, this evaluation of fat mass, which is reliant upon weight and level, decides if you have a sound body or not.Thus, those with a BMI of under 25 are viewed as ordinary and sound. Overweight people are those with a BMI of 25 to 30 while large individuals are those with a BMI of 30 or above, which seriously endangers them for various medical problems. This is the way to work out your BMI! Whenever you've done the computation, you realize regardless of whether you're overweight.

The inquiry to pose is would you say you are solid assuming that you're overweight?

The issue with realizing this is that an individual's wellbeing can't be completely checked by their BMI. This is because of two reasons:

💠Slender bulk and orientation (ladies have more fat than men) are not considered in the strategy.

💠How much fit tissue (muscle, bone, and organs) and fat you have are likewise not thought about, nor is your body creation, which estimates the amount of fat you possess according to other body parts.

💠This implies that we can't utilize BMI alone to draw a sound or undesirable image of any one individual since people differ. Two individuals with similar BMI can have totally unique actual qualities.

You can be fat and fit with this condition!

💠You can be overweight and fit simultaneously, as per the Public Foundations of Wellbeing's 1998 review Clinical Rules for the Recognizable proof, Assessment, and Treatment of Overweight and Heftiness in Grown-ups.

💠The review takes note of that people who are overweight can be considered solid on the off chance that they have a midriff size that is under 40 creeps for guys and 35 crawls for ladies, and don't have at least two of the accompanying circumstances:


☑️High glucose

☑️Elevated cholesterol

The rules further make sense of that an overweight individual shouldn't put on any extra weight. All things being equal, he/she ought to have a go at losing the load to keep away from the gamble.The proposals proceeded to say that an overweight individual ought to expect to get in shape as opposed to add any more weight to decrease the gamble.

Will being overweight make getting fit harder?

In your wellness process, being overweight turns into a test, particularly for extreme focus cardiovascular activities and preparing. Be that as it may, it doesn't keep anybody from further developing their wellness levels and wellbeing. Being overweight can be handled by further developing nourishment and getting on a work-out schedule that considers the singular's weight. This can then bring about better wellness gains, regardless of what weight an individual begins at. Finally results will begin to show assuming you stay predictable, says Dr Hiremath.

Assuming weight reduction is at the forefront of your thoughts, you may be searching for the best fat-consuming activities that could demonstrate results rapidly so you can keep on being enlivened to seek after your objective. What is your take on board jacks, then, at that point? Board jacks are the ideal exercise you can remember for your weight reduction routine since they incorporate the two most notable activities for getting more fit: hopping jacks and boards. So the way that to do hopping jacks? We should figure it out.Wellbeing Shots contacted Vaneeta Batra a change life mentor and a wellness devotee to figure out the advantages of performing hopping jacks in weight reduction.

This is the way to do board jacks:

Stage 1: Begin by remaining in a high board. Bow down on a mat, put your hands on the ground, and broaden your arms so they are straightforwardly under your shoulders.

Stage 2: Presently, stretch your legs out behind you. Set your feet immovably on the ground and lift your backside so your shoulders and hips are in line.

Stage 3: Utilize your glutes and center muscles to settle yourself in the board position. Furthermore, keep up with your back level, peer down at the ground, and ensure your whole body is in an orderly fashion.

Stage 4: Remain in the board position; presently the entire assignment is to be performed by your legs.

Stage 5: As you bounce with the two legs spread wide to each side, keep your abs firm.

Stage 6: Whenever you've gotten it done, immediately bounce back to the middle with the two feet.

Stage 7: Perform something like 10 reiterations while proceeding to bounce in and out.

Note: Hold your hips back from dropping all through the whole development, and keep a straight back. Moreover, keep your arms stable.

The development should look like a hopping jack executed while standing firm on a board situation.

Will board jacks assist with weight reduction?

☑️The board and any variety of the board work all the center muscles, including the obliques and the stomach area. Furthermore, they invigorate the back and hip muscles.

☑️Board jacks are a strength and cardio work out. They can support developing your upper and lower body muscles. It might increment center strength and steadiness, keep away from spinal pains, and raise your cardiovascular perseverance. The inquiry is the manner by which it helps with weight reduction.

☑️According to indeed, Batra, "Board jacks can raise your pulse, consume calories, and accelerate your digestion since they are great cardio work out. Your whole body is locked in, and because of this, each muscle in your body attempts to decrease fat." Both of these parts of this exercise assist with weight reduction.

☑️Board jacks likewise foster the chest, abs, back, shoulders, and arms notwithstanding the abs and center muscles.

3 other board varieties for weight reduction

Attempt these 3 board varieties, which will assist you with preparing to perform board jacks in the event that rehearsing board jacks appears to be somewhat difficult.

1. Board sides tap

Begin in the board position.

Dig your toes into the ground and lift your butt to where your shoulders line up with your hips.

Draw your navel toward your spine to fix your abs as you step your right foot out to one side, and back to the middle.

Rehash with your left leg. Do this 10 reps.

2. Board jack to frog

Begin in a high board position and perform one board jack.

Then, at that point, lift your hips and the two legs towards your hands, arrival delicately on your toes with your knees twisted.Jump back to the high board.

Do this 10 reps.

3. Board jack to hunch down

Begin in the high board position and perform one board jack.

Then, lift your hips and the two legs towards your hands.

Lift your hands and middle, and push off your heels to detonate up.

Land level on your feet in a squat, return your hands to the floor, and bounce your legs back into a high board.

Do this 10 reps.

In the past children could go for cycling with companions or strolling or playing a game. Yet, with such countless elevated structures coming up and less places for youngsters to play, it can here and there get challenging to keep kids truly dynamic. Presently, many children invest a great deal of energy on cell phones or television. Because of this propensity for sitting and not participating in numerous proactive tasks, a ton of children are putting on weight. Yoga for youngsters is an incredible method for keeping your kid intellectually and truly dynamic.Wellbeing Shots contacted Dr Mickey Mehta, worldwide driving all encompassing wellbeing master and corporate holistic mentor, to know which the best yoga asanas for youngsters.

The following are 5 yoga asanas for youngsters who need to get in shape


☑️1. Breathe in then spread your feet separated by about a meter and lift both the hands up to the shoulder level.

☑️2. Gradually twist your right side until your right hand arrives at your right foot. Your left arm ought to be straight up, in accordance with your right hand.

☑️3. Your palms ought to look ahead and you ought to see along the fingers of your left arm.

☑️4. Keep up with this posture for about a moment, if conceivable, with ordinary relaxing.

☑️5. Gradually return to the initial step and rehash on your left hand side.

Advantages of Trikonasana

Aside from aiding you in getting thinner, this asana works on the adaptability of your spine, says Dr Mehta. It additionally helps in forestalling level foot, and it extends as well as opens your hips, hamstrings and calves, shoulders, chest and spine.


1. Spread your legs around one meter separated.

2. Breathe in then lift your hands at shoulder level, lined up with the ground, and ensure your palms face downwards.

3. Breathe out then keep your legs firm on the ground, contort to the right while keeping your right hand straight and left hand twisting at the elbow near the chest.

4. All the while, turn your neck and check out at the tip of your right hand fingers.

5. Hold this posture for quite a while then return while breathing in.

Advantages of Vakrasana

It works on the versatility of your spine, and back rubs the muscles and organs of your stomach locale.


1. Stand straight with legs together.

2. Breathe in then leisurely raise your arms upwards, and stretch up your body from your midsection.

3. Breathe out then twist forward extending from your lower back and afterward go down until your palm contacts the ground. At the same time. 


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